Our Clients Say It All

Graphic Law works with large and small, national and local firms, as well as sole practitioners, on both plaintiff and defense cases.
Graphic Law works closely with attorneys, their clients, expert witnesses, paralegals, nurse practitioners and jury consultants.
Graphic Law takes complex case issues and creates striking and compelling visuals that “tell and sell”
your theories and arguments to judges, juries, mediators and arbitrators.

  • "I really appreciated the fast turn around on the courtroom graphics you did for me, as well as the ease with which you translated my concept into courtroom friendly displays. During the 18 years I have been working with you, I have never lost a jury trial in which I used your graphics. Timelines, graphs, anatomical illustrations, etc. have all proven marvelously effective in getting complex information across to juries. The fact that you and your staff will do whatever it takes to get things ready in time for court deadlines is greatly appreciated."

    Neil C. Alden, Partner Jardine Baker Hickman Houston
  • “Graphic Law never fails to make a signicant impact with the presentation of our cases. Their knowledge, years of experience and quality work are a must for my trials.”

    Patrick J. McGroder III, Partner Gallagher Kennedy
  • "I am a big proponent of using multimedia evidence presentation techniques at trials, hearings, arbitrations, mediations, and settlement conferences. I have exclusively used Graphic Law for hundreds of color and black & white exhibits in my cases. The quality of your work has been consistently superb. I greatly appreciate the dedication you and your staff have shown to meeting our often very tight deadlines. You have literally done whatever it takes to get the job done on time. Also important to our relationship is that you immediately resolve issues to our satisfaction, without question."

    Michael C. Manning, Partner Stinson Leonard Street
  • "Graphic Law has been helping me win trials for 28 plus years. They take complex themes and make them simple ‘bullet points’. More than a few judges and jurors have said so."

    William A. Miller, Esq. William A. Miller, PLLC
  • "When we need it done right, and fast, we call Graphic Law. They deliver every time. We could not ask for anything more."

    Kathleen Wieneke The Wieneke Law Group
  • Huge thanks to Lesa Etter and Graphic Law for their amazing work in preparing our trial exhibits. In preparing for the most recent trial, the attorney had specific requests for timeline exhibits in addition to graphic exhibits. Graphic Law listened and prepared the perfect exhibits that exceeded the attorney’s expectations. Her suggestions made the project so much easier to visualize.  Once we give a project to Graphic Law, we know it will be perfect.  Graphic Law is our “go-to” for trial exhibits.”

    Patricia J. Shaw, RN, BSN, MSA Jones Skelton Hochuli